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Comarra offers its Ethernet over DS3 Switch (Ethernet to DS3 Switch) packaged in a 19-inch rack-mountable chassis.

Comarra Ethernet over DS3 Switch (Ethernet over DS3 Switch) provides a four 100BaseT Ethernet and 100Base-FX optical ethernet interfaces on the user side which may be used to transport Ethernet traffic over a DS3 link. Both ethernet interfaces may be used simultaneously. The Switch provides a simple and cost effective method to convert and transport ethernet data over an DS3 link.

Ethernet to DS3 Switch - Data Sheet

Features and Highlights

  • Ethernet interface to DS3 45 Mbps converter
  • 4x100BaseT full duplex fast ethernet interface in accordance with IEEE802.3
  • 3x + 1x100Base-FX full duplex optical ethernet interface accordance with IEEE802.3
  • Framed and un-framed DS3 options available
  • Local and Remote access and monitoring with either RS232 or 10/100BaseT for remote management over TCP-IP network
  • Power Supply: - 48 V DC or 110 V AC power supply options available.
  • Ethernet frame size: 2016 bytes (max)
  • Supports Jumbo Frames
  • Accommodates up to 8192 frames with a maximum frame size of 2016 bytes
  • Prevents any data overflows, or loss of packets in the event of a data burst.

Why we are better:

Our Ethernet over DS3 equipment offers the following necessary features that similar equipment from the other manufacturers do not offer or support...

  • We offer the option of Framed DS3 as well as Un-Framed DS3 option. The framing option is user programmable and use may select the DS3 interfaces as Framed DS3 or  Un-Framed DS3.

Note: Enabling the Framing option becomes essential when you inter-connect and use the equipment over an Sonet / SDH network. If you connect an Un-Framed DS3 interface of the equipment to a Framed DS3 network interface, the network is likely to show an error on the DS3 interface.

  • Our equipment allows the user to connect to, configure and manage the
    equipment remotely over a TCP-IP network. Most of the equipment being offered by the competition does not offer this feature.

  • Our equipment supports efficient handling of data, even during data bursts. Our product design provides a very large buffer data storage capacity to allow for and handle any data bursts very efficiently.

  • Supports Jumbo Frames: Our equipment is equipped with a Committed Information Rate controller (CIR) which manages any data overflows through its 100MHz SDRAM controller which interfaces to a 32-bit wide 128 Mbit SDRAM.  The SDRAM is used to buffer the data from the Ethernet and WAN ports for transport. It can accommodate up to 8192 frames with a maximum frame size of 2016 bytes to prevent any data overflows, or loss of packets in the event of a data burst.

Flow control is a part of basic ethernet communication protocol and the TCP-IP flow control protocol ensures that an optimum flow control is maintained at all times.

Note # 1: It is essential that the two routers / servers be operating in the same IP domain (subnet), since the Ethernet Over DS3 converter simply interconnects two LANS over a DS3 link. The Ethernet Over DS3 converter does not do any routing function. It simply provides a bridge to inter-connect two LANs over a DS3 link.

Note: The equipment should always be installed and used in pairs - with each unit to be installed at either end of the DS3 link.


  • 100 BaseT Ethernet and 100Base-FX optical to DS3 conversion (Ethernet over DS3).

Indications and Alarm Monitoring

  • DS3 Loss of Signal
  • Loss of DS3 frame (in framed DS3 mode)
  • Loss of incoming signal at 100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Loss of ethernet packets, errored ethernet packets, over-sized ethernet packets and under-sized ethernet packets log.
  • Configuration Error Alarm
  • Clock Status
  • +3 Volts Power Supply
  • -48V DC present
  • Configuration Error

Programmable Features

  • Telnet interface for remote programming and monitoring by using CLI text commands
  • Easy to use programming using Windows based GUI.

Status Monitoring

  • Status of alarms on DS3 interface

  • Status of alarms on 100BaseT interface.

Ethernet Interface

Interface Types 100BaseT and 100Base-FX optical
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3-2002
Interface Rate 100BaseT limited to DS3 transmission rate
Protocol HDLC/X.86 (LAPS) Encapsulation

DS3 Interface

Bit Rate 44.736 Mbps
Bit Rate Tolerance 20ppm
Line Code B3ZS
Framing options Meets ANSI T1.404
M13 (M23)
Pulse Shape Meets ANSI
T1.102-1993 and
Bellcore GR-499-CORE
Connectors BNC, Co-axial
Impedance 75 Ohms
Signal Level to declare Loss of Signal condition < 20mV
Signal Level to clear Loss of Signal condition > 90 mV

Application Diagram

Technical Specifications

DC Adapter Power Supply Specifications (DC Option)

Power Supply -48V DC (-40V DC to -60V DC)
Input DC voltage -48V DC ( nominal )
Range of input -40V to -60V DC
Output voltages +3.3V
Full Load Output Current 2A at +3.3V
Input Voltage Reversal Protection Provided in the Card
Over Current Protection 2A for +3.3V
Short Circuit Protection Current limit - 3A. Recovers on removal of short
Under Voltage < 3.17V
Over Voltage 3.5V
Efficiency at full load >90%
Ripple at full load <5mVrms
Spike at full load <50mV

AC Adapter Power Supply Specifications (AC Option)

Input AC voltage of AC Adapter 100 - 240 Volt AC
Range of input AC voltage 100 V to 240 V AC
System Input voltage 7.5 V DC to 9.0 V DC, DC input polarity protection.
Maximum full load output Current 2.5 A at 7.5 V DC / 9.0 V DC
Input voltage reversal Protection Provided in the Card
Efficiency at full load >86%


  • 1U High
  • 19-inch rack-mounting shelf.

Power Supply

Power Supply -48V DC (-40V DC to -60V DC) (Optional)*
Power Supply AC input (Optional)*
* Please specify the Power Supply Option (AC or DC) which is required before placing the order. Please see ordering information in this data sheet for details.

Power Consumption

Power Consumption: 9 Watts

Number of Ethernet Interface

10/100BaseT (Electrical) 4
10/100BaseT Electrical + 100Base FX Optical 3 Electrical and 1 Optical

100BaseT Interface (Electrical Ethernet)

Interface Types 100BaseT
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3-2002, RFC1662, RFC2615, X.86, RMII
Interface Rate 100BaseT limited to DS3 transmission rate
Protocol HDLC/X.86 (LAPS) Encapsulation
Connectors RJ-45 (100 BaseT Electrical)

100BaseT-FX Interface (Optical Ethernet)

Interface Types 100BaseT-FX
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3-2002, RFC1662, RFC2615, X.86, RMII
Interface Rate 100BaseT-FX optical limited to DS3 transmission rate
Protocol HDLC/X.86 (LAPS) Encapsulation
Connectors SC


Internal System Internal Clock
Loop-Timed Timed from DS3 Interface

Management and Control

  • Serial Management Port - RS232 Interface
  • 10/100 BaseT for Remote Management over a LAN
  • 10/100 BaseT Telnet over a TCP-IP Network

Command Language

  • Command Line Interface (English text commands)
  • Windows based GUI (optional)

NMS (with Telnet) XPort Specifications

Network interface RJ-45 Ethernet 10BaseT or 100BaseT-TX (auto sensing)
Compatibility Ethernet Version 2.0 IEEE802.3
Protocols supported ARP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, Telnet, ICMP, SNMP, DHCP,  BOOTP, TFTP, Auto IP, SMTP and HTTP
LEDs 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Activity, Full/half duplex
Management Internal web server, SNMP (read only), Serial login, Telnet login
EMI compliance


  • Radiated and conducted emissions - complies with Class B limits of EN55022:1998
  • Direct and Indirect ESD - complies with EN55024:1998
  • RF Electromagnetic Field Immunity - complies with EN55024:1998
  • Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity - complies with EN55024:1998
  • Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity - complies with EN55024:1998
  • RF Common Mode Conducted Susceptibility - complies with EN55024:1998

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Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
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