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Digital Interface 2048 Kbps

Number of E1 PRI ISDN Interfaces One, (User or Network Modes - Configurable)
Conformity (Electrical) G.703
Frame Structure As per ITU-T (CCITT) G.704
Signaling PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Signaling as per ITU-T Rec. Q.921, Q.931
PCM Sampling Rate 8000 samples / second.
Encoding Law A Law as per ITU-T G.823
Bit Rate 2048Kbps 50ppm.
Code HDB3
Nominal Impedance 120 Ohms Balanced
Connector RJ45
Pulse Mask As per ITU-T (CCITT) Rec. G.703
Output Jitter <0.05UI (in the frequency range of 20Hz to 100KHz).
Permissible Attenuation 6dB at 1MHz
Return Loss at:
51.2 KHz to 102.4 KHz.
102.4 KHz to 2048 KHz
2048 KHz to 3072 KHz

> 12dB
> 18dB
> 14dB
Jitter Tolerance As per ITU-T (CCITT) G.823
Loss and Recovery of Frame Alignment As per Clause 3 of ITU-T (CCITT) G.732
Loss and Recovery of Multi-Frame Alignment As per Clause 5.2 of ITU-T (CCITT) G.732

Power Supply Card

Input DC voltage -48V DC ( nominal )
Range of input -40V to -60V DC
Output voltages +5V
Full Load Output Current 18A@5VDC
Input Voltage Reversal Protection Provided in the Card
Over Current Protection 20A for +5V
Short Circuit Protection Current limit - 20A. Recovers on removal of short
Under Voltage < 4.5V
Over Voltage 5.4V to 5.6V
Efficiency at full load >80%
Ripple at full load <5mVrms
Spike at full load <50mV
Power Consumption 120 Watts (Worst Case)

GSM Access Card

Number of GSM Interfaces 1 ~ 30 (Stackable, 1 thru 30).
Type Dual Band EGSM 900 MHz and EGSM 1800 MHz.
Optional: Dual Band EGSM 850 MHz and 1900 MHz.
Compliance Compliant with ETSI GSM
Phase 2+ standard (Normal MS)
Class 4 (2W @ 900MHz)
Class 1 (1W @ 1800MHz)
Approvals Fully Type Approved to GSM Standards
SIM Interface Internal Tray Toolkit Class 2. 3V Reader
Voice Features Full Rate, Enhanced Full Rate And Half-Rate (FR/EFR/HR)
Called ID Enable / Disable - User Selectable


An alarm shall be displayed in LED L1 / L2 for the following reasons

  1. Invalid SIM Card
  2. Unregistered SIM Card
  3. Faulty SIM Card
  4. Faulty GSM Module
  5. GSM Access Card Out of Range

Echo Canceller Card (Optional Extra)

  • Provides voice echo cancellation of up to 64ms / 128ms
  • Conforms to ITU-T G.165 and ITU-T G.168
  • G.164 /G.165 disable tone detection
  • Non-Linear Processor with Comfort Noise Insertion
  • Narrow-Band Detector
  • Eliminates long echo tail.

E1 Echo Canceller Card - 64ms. / 128ms. (Optional Extra)

Number of Interfaces 2,
1 - Input (RJ-45)
1 - Output (RJ-45)
Conformity G.703
Frame Structure As per ITU (CCITT) G.704
Signaling Pass-Through
PCM Sampling Rate 8000 Samples / sec
Encoding Law A Law as per ITU (CCITT) G.711
Bit Rate 2048 Kbps 50 ppm
Code HDB3
Nominal Impedance 120 W balanced
Peak Voltage of a mark
For 120
W balanced interface

3.0 V 0.3 V
Peak Voltage of a space
For 120
W balanced interface

0 V 0.3 V
Nominal Pulse Width 244 ns
Pulse Mask as per ITU (CCITT) Rec. G.703
Output Jitter < 0.05 UI (in the frequency range of 20Hz to 100 Khz)
Permissible Attenuation 6 dB at 1 MHz
Return Loss at:
51.2 KHz to 102.4 Khz
102.4 KHz to 2048KHz
2048KHz to 3072 Khz

> 12dB
> 18dB
> 14dB
Jitter Tolerance As per ITU (CCITT) G.823
Loss and recovery of frame alignment As per clause 3 of ITU (CCITT) G.732
Loss and recovery of multiframe alignment As per clause 5.2 of ITU (CCITT) G.732

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mounting Standard 19-Inch DIN Rack
Height 6U (265 mm)
Depth 290 mm
Width 19-inch (477mm)
Weight 12 Kgs. (Net)

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