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VOIP-GSM Gateway / GSM-VOIP Gateway

Comarra’s E1 VOIP-GSM Gateway solution utilizes the Comarra PRI-GSM Gateway combined with the Quintum Tenor VOIP gateway, configured as an integrated GSM-VOIP Gateway solution. The PRI-ISDN interface of the GSM Gateway connects with the corresponding interface of the Quintum, allowing seamless integration of VOIP and GSM mobile communications networks.

Comarra offers this GSM-VOIP Gateway solution as a 30 SIM or 90 SIM per E1 version, and in 1, 2 or 4 E1/T1 configurations.

The advantages of using a VOIP-GSM Gateway integrated solution, rather than an all in one solution are as follows:

  • The solution uses technology designed and manufactured by market leading specialists, rather than by a GSM gateway specialist trying their hand at VOIP or visa versa.
  • The VOIP and GSM performance will as good as technologically possible in the users Internet and cellular environment.
  • There will be no VOIP compatibility issues that often occur with combined VOIP/GSM equipment.

E1 90 SIM GSM Gateway Product Brochure
E1 30 SIM GSM Gateway Product Brochure

The E1 PRI ISDN Q.931 GSM Gateway offers

  • PRI ISDN (EURO ISDN) Signaling.
  • The interface on the user side is up to 30 x GSM links (90 SIMs per E1 - 3 SIM per channel) or (30 SIMs per E1 - 1 SIM per channel).
  • Accurate answer supervision and disconnect supervision.
  • For the 90 SIM version only - Each GSM channel individually programmable to work with any of the 3 SIMs, according to the user programmed time-of-day schedule. This enables the user to program a least-cost operation so that traffic of each GSM channel is directed to the preferred SIM (out of the 3 SIM cards per channel) - which shall be activated only according to the "user" programmed time-of-day schedule.
  • GSM Gateway to automatically "call" a "user" programmed number at a "user" programmed time-of-day, once every 24 hours to confirm to the operator that each GSM channel is in operation.
  • Pre-Paid Balance Enquiry: GSM Gateway automatically enquire each PRE-PAID GSM SIM card for balance minutes / balance credits and sending an SMS message with this information to a "user" programmed number at a "user" programmed time-of-day.
  • Unique caller ID blocking feature (if network allows)
  • Echo cancellation up to 128ms. - optional
  • Remote access monitoring over TCP/IP network - optional
  • Unique out-bound calling, user programmable, access feature.
  • All 30, GSM channels are dual band - 900MHz and 1800MHz with auto-sense / auto-switching capability.
  • Optional: All 30, GSM channels are dual band - 850MHz and 1900MHz with auto-sense / auto-switching capability.


  • Compact, 30 GSM terminals (90 SIMs per E1) in a 19-inch chassis.
  • GSM is integrated to the E1 PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Interface.
  • Exceptional voice quality. The two wire trans-hybrid analog path (present in the Fixed Wireless Terminals) is eliminated in the innovative design, resulting in improved voice quality, clearer voice and superior channel separation by reducing the susceptibility to echoes that result from the analog two wire trans-hybrid VF paths.
  • Provides accurate billing information ("answer supervision" and "line disconnect supervision") - not provided by Fixed Wireless Terminals.
  • Integrated, optional, E1 Echo-Canceller to cancel echo tails from inherent delays of VoIP / VoFR networks - 64ms. uni-directional, 128ms. uni-directional and 64ms. bi-directional options available.
  • Lower cost - resulting from complete, GSM to E1 PRI ISDN integration.
  • Plug-And-Play. Easy to install. Takes only minutes to install and start service.

The Tenor DX Series offers

  • SelectNet™ Auto-Switching provides superior voice quality
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • VoIP and Tandem Circuit Switching
  • Integrated H.323 gateway and gatekeeper or SIP User Agent
  • Up to 120 VoIP channels
  • Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 T1/E1/PRI Spans
  • IVR/Radius AAA Compliant (Multi-lingual IVR)
  • Support for external Quintum Call Routing Server*
  • Available in MultiPath or Gateway Configurations

The Quintum® Tenor® DX MultiPath Switch offers unique flexibility for service providers who want to capitalize on cost-effective, high-quality Voice over IP (VoIP). The Tenor integrates a gateway, a gatekeeper, intelligent call routing, and supports H.323, SIP and QoS all in a small solution.

Service providers can benefit from a variety of valuable applications such as IP Local Loop, Wholesale VoIP Termination, Calling Cards, Tandem Switching and Least Cost Routing.

Carrier class intelligence delivers a complete application solution

  • Integrated VoIP and Circuit Switching: Intelligently switches calls between circuits (DS0s) and IP, between multiple circuits, and between IP endpoints.
  • Enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Supports multiple user selectable languages and prompts.
  • Advanced Call Routing Support: Quintum's external Tenor Advanced VoIP Call Routing Server* provides scalable, centralized network routing control and administration for larger networks. Provides enhanced networkwide routing flexibility including QoS routing, least cost routing, source based routing, and extensive network routing statistics/report generation.
  • Network Management Support: Quintum’s external VoIP Network Manager* helps lower maintenance costs through centralized provisioning, alarm monitoring, CDR collecting and real time call monitoring.
  • MultiPath Architecture: Allows easy installation at the customer premise.

Patented SelectNet™ Technology assures high quality voice
The Tenor employs its patented SelectNet™ Technology to monitor calls for jitter, packet loss, and latency, and can transparently switch customers' calls to the PSTN whenever conditions demand. This intelligent switching allows you to achieve the Quality of Service targets that customers demand, at costs that traditional phone companies simply cannot match.

More intelligence means less network congestion
With its PacketSaver™ Technology, the Tenor reduces bandwidth consumption up to 57%, by combining voice packets from several calls into a single packet to minimize bandwidth requirements.

NATAccess™ intelligence means greater security
The Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switch also features a unique technology that allows it to operate behind NAT-enabled firewalls. The innovative NATAccess™ solution overcomes the problem of NAT firewalls not correctly translating internal IP addresses into public addresses when a VoIP call is established with an outside party.

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