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The E3-2/34Mbps, PDH Multiplexer is a third order skip multiplexer / demultiplexer unit, based on PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) technology. It multiplexes sixteen 2.048Mbps (hereafter referred to as 2Mbps) E1 tributaries into a single 34.368Mbps (hereafter referred to as 34Mbps) E3 tributary. The multiplexer / demultiplexer also does the reverse processing i.e. demultiplexing a received 34Mbps stream into sixteen 2Mbps E1 tributaries.

2/34 Mbps Multiplexer system consists of two 2/34 Mbps terminals one each at the local and remote ends, connected through a 34Mbps stream, providing end to end services for sixteen, 2Mbps streams. Both local and remote terminals can be monitored and controlled by a Network Management System (NMS) connected to the local terminal.


  • Single - card implementation
  • Plug and Play Multiplexer
  • Modular 2Mbps transmission units
  • Standard CCITT (ITU-T) compliant interfaces
  • Capable of synchronizing on any of the 34368 kHz clock sources - internal, external or extracted
  • Remote and local terminal monitoring and control by Network Management System
  • Optional TCP/IP Remote Access for monitoring alarms and management.


  • Extensive alarms and status indication facility
  • Service bit monitoring and insertion
  • Operates on nominal -48V DC input
  • Distributed on-board power supply
  • Microprocessor controlled with powerful diagnostic facilities for both remote and local systems
  • Local and remote loopback facility for 34Mbps stream
  • Stored program controlled
  • Highly reliable and compact

External Interfaces

The E3 unit provides the following interfaces to the external world:

  • 16, primary rate, 2Mbps, 120 W balanced interface
  • 1, third order, 34Mbps, 75 W unbalanced interface
  • -48V input for 2/34 on-board power supply
  • RS232 interface for connection to Network Management System, used for configuration and monitoring of the 2/34 multiplexer.
  • 2 alarm extensions for visual and audible alarms.

 The front panel LEDs provide the following indications:

L1 - E3 LOS
L2-  E3 Sync / Alarm
L3-  E3 BER

RJ-45 "LAN Port"

L8- E1 LOS
L10- "LAN ON"
L11- Positive 5V present
L12- Negative 48V input present

SW1 "LAN ON / OFF" Toggle Switch              
SW2   LAN Reset Switch

Programming and Monitoring

2/34 Mbps Multiplexer offers programming via an RS232 port for control and monitoring of the terminals. Both local and remote multiplexer can be monitored and controlled using a PC loaded with the NMS software connected to the local terminal.

Programming Features

  • Setting loopbacks on 2Mbps or 34Mbps
  • Enabling or disabling 2Mbps channels
  • Initiating self tests
  • Alarm acknowledgment option.

Status Monitoring

  • Priority sequence of clock selection and current clock on which the system is working
  • Status of alarm
  • Presence or absence of loop-back on 34Mbps and 2Mbps streams
  • Enabled / disabled status of 2Mbps channels
  • Monitoring healthy / unhealthy state of microcontroller and 2Mbps line interface units.

Alarm Status Monitoring

  • Loss of incoming signal at all 2Mbps ports
  • Loss of incoming signal at 34Mbps port
  • Loss of frame alignment at 34Mbps
  • Remote Alarm at 34Mbps
  • AIS at 34Mbps
  • Excessive Error Rate at 34Mbps
  • Status of audible alarm.

In addition to the above monitoring facilities, 2/34Mbps Multiplexer is provided with LEDs on the front panel of the multiplexer, which indicate various fault conditions.

Monitoring E3 via LED Indications
  • Loss of signal at 2Mbps
  • Loss of signal at 34Mbps
  • Loss of frame alignment at 34Mbps
  • Remote Alarm at 34Mbps
  • AIS at 34Mbps
  • Excessive Error Rate at 34Mbps
  • +5V failure
  • -48V input failure
  • Processor unhealthy alarm
  • Prompt Maintenance alarm

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