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The VCL100CPE Service Access Node is an ultra-compact and cost-effective customer premises bandwidth provisioning equipment designed to meet low or medium capacity bandwidth service demands.

This unique product is part of a family of STM-1 Multi-Service Provisioning and Access Nodes from Comarra. As with all products in Comarra family, the Service Access node also supports end-to-end provisioning and management of voice and data services across all the segments of the optical network - from the customer premises to the core. It combines innovative optical networking software with the intelligence of SDH to deliver a flexible solution to today's service providers.

The VCL100CPE can be configured as a Terminal Multiplexer (TMUX) or an Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM), with E1, E3, DS3 or 10/100 Ethernet Interface service interfaces and trunk interfaces at STM-1 rate. The product has a built in non-blocking cross-connect at VC-3 and VC-12 granularity for efficient traffic grooming. In view of the growing demand for packet services, VCL100CPE provides an Ethernet tributary interface to carry inter-office traffic from corporate LANs, campus networks or from ISPs.

Technical Specifications

Network Topology

  • Linear, Ring, Mesh

Cross Connect

  • 252 x 252 VC-12
  • Fully non-blocking
  • Line-to-Line, Line-to-Tributary, Tributary-to-Line, Tributary-to-Tributary

Order wire support, Alarms and User data Channel

  • E1 / E2 bytes used for Express order wire (Omnibus/Selective calling facilities)
  • Five potential-free outputs and two potential-free inputs
  • F1 byte for user data channel

Network Element Configurations

  • Terminal Multiplexer (TMUX)
  • Add Drop Multiplexer (ADM)

Power Supply

  • -48V DC nominal, -36V to 60V DC or 230V 50Hz AC Power Supply
  • Power consumption less than 35W

Physical Dimensions

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 44 mm x 445 mm x 270 mm

Aggregate Interfaces

  • 2 x STM-1e/o
  • S1.1, L1.1, L 1.2 (ITU-T G.957 Compliant)

Network Maintenance

  • Element Management System, supports full FCAPS functionality
  • RS-232 port for craft interface
  • In-band control supported using SONET/SDH Overhead bytes
  • E1 management channel with drop facility
  • Alarm Signaling Indicators and External Contacts.


  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing

Tributary Interfaces

  • E1/DS1, E3/DS3
  • STM-1o / STM-1e/E4


  • Higher-order and Lower-order POH, SDH level alarms and performance monitoring as per ITU-T Rec. G826 and G.784
  • Software downloads

Ethernet Interfaces

  • 8 port 10/100 Ethernet
  • LCAS
  • GFP/ X.86
  • Lower and Higher Order Virtual Concatenation
  • Full/half duplex, auto-negotiation

Timing & Synchronization

  • Timing & Synchronization of System (as per ITU-T G. 813)
  • Internal oscillator capable of supplying a ITU-T G.813 compliant Stratum-3 SEC
  • Support of SSM byte
  • Internal & External Timing interfaces: Two E1 BITS interfaces (as per ITU-T G.703)

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