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The VCL100MC-1 STM-1 (upto 63 E1) with E3, DS3, 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces is a compact, modular and cost effective STM-1 SDH multiplexer equipment designed to manage bandwidth and provide E1 or fractional E1, voice and data access service over STM Networks.

VCL100MC-1 (upto 63 E1) with E3, DS3, 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces is a 3U height multi-card chassis system that provides flexibility to the customers in terms of expansion to support additional client interfaces by adding new modules in the field.

The system has two STM-1 optical / electrical interfaces in the aggregate side and allows for upto 3 tributary add-on cards. The following tributaries are available as add-on cards for the chassis:

  • E1
  • E3/DS3 tributaries (software configurable as E3 or DS3)
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)
  • STM-1o
  • STM-1e/140Mbps tributary interfaces (software configurable)

Hardware components

The base chassis houses the following:

STM-1 interfaces
STM-1 optical / electrical interfaces are supported depending on Terminal multiplexer or Add-Drop Multiplexer configuration.

Management interfaces
This is provided through the 10/100 Mbps NMS (Ethernet) port or an RS232C craft port.

Timing Interfaces
External 2Mbps or 2.048 MHz timing signal inputs are provided for synchronizing the equipment.

This is provided through the analog 2-wire interface. The EOW bytes are software selectable to E1 or E2.

These provide dry contacts for extending the alarms. Five such potential free outputs are provided that are tied to alarms for Critical, Major, Minor, Order Wire and Power. Two potential free inputs are provided for environmental alarms like "Power or Air-conditioning failure", " equipment room door open" etc.

A 2.048 M BITS clock output is available from the system, which can be set to either a 2.048 MHz clock or a framed E1 data at 2.048 Mbps.

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