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The VCL-MX, 2Mbps ~ 30 Channel E1 voice and data, Drop-Insert Multiplexer provides full range of POTS (voice) and digital data services to subscribers located at different locations, requiring to interconnect and establish a voice and data network over an E1 link. The VCL-MX is a simple, yet powerful E1 Channel Bank for connecting and integrating analog communication equipment with digital E1 services.

The VCL-MX, E1, Drop-Insert Multiplexer provides voice telephony and digital data services which may include:

The Multiplexer may be used in Terminal or Drop-Insert configuration to provide:

  • Toll Quality Voice services
  • Interconnect LAN (Campus Network)
  • Interconnect Computer Terminals
  • Provide LAN-WAN Interconnectivity
  • Provide Leased Lines on DSL for SOHO Applications
Voice Interfaces
  • FXO
  • FXS
  • E&M (2 Wire and 4 Wire)
Data Interfaces:
  • RS232
  • G.703 @ 64 Kbps, co-directional
  • IDSL @ 128 Kbps

The VCL-MX E1 Interface operates at a primary rate of 2.048 MBits/Sec and provides a host of features Including, channel drop and insert facility over a network of VCL-MX, E1 Multiplexers, for voice and data applications.

The VCL-MX has an effective, CLI (text) based "Network Management System", which may be used for configuring the system, subsequent remote monitoring and management of the inter-connected systems in the network. An extensive set of alarms, for easy maintenance are provided in the system.

Voice and Data Drop-Insert Multiplexer with In-band Management Interface:

Available Interfaces:
Voice Interfaces: FXO / FXS / E&M
Data Interfaces: RS232 / iDSL / G.703

Front View: VCL-MX Version 2

Rear View


System Composition

Core System Composition Description Part No.
19-Inch Shelf 3U high 19- Inch Shelf and Backplane VCL-MX-002
Slot 1 Power Supply Card VCL-MX-010
Slot 2 Ringer Card VCL-MX-040
Slot 3 to 17 15 User Configurable voice & data interface(s) As per user requirement
Slot 18 LAN Card VCL-MX-LAN
Slot 19 Control Card 1 with In-Band Management Interface VCL-MX-015-2

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